Boxed Chocolates

Boxed Chocolates

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Our boxed chocolates consist of a wide variety of chocolate covered candies, nuts, and fruits. 
Choose between milk and dark chocolate, or a mix of both. 
Find the perfect blend of creamy chocolate-covered candy here.

Can't decide on boxed chocolates? Consider picking up a box of our caramel and sea salt chocolates

Ten years ago, the pairing of sea salt and caramel took America by storm. This French import is part of a long line of beloved salty-sweet pairings: tin roof sundaes, peanut butter cups, Cracker Jack, etc.

It's a combination that's so American that "we should be annoyed at ourselves that we didn't invent it," baking expert Dorie Greenspan told the New York Times in a 2008 story about the rise of salted caramel. "We were close, but we just weren't ready."

The French had been enjoying sea salt and caramel for decades before it became to the U.S. Credit goes to a chocolatier in the province of Brittany named Henri Le Roux, who – inspired by his region's delicious salted butter – began combining caramel and sea salt in the 1970s. By 1980, it was considered France's best-loved sweet.

It took a couple other trends to get Americans ready. The first was the popularity of specialty salts, and the second was the rise of dulce de leche, a caramel made from cooked milk that began finding its way to American menus in the early 2000s.

No matter how it got here, we're just happy to have it. It's an absolutely delightful pairing, creating an effect known in the culinary world as "flavor layering."

But it only works when you strike just the right balance, something we've managed to do with our sea salt and caramel boxed chocolates. Bucks, Montgomery and Ocean County customers can stop into one of our three stores to enjoy these delicious treats, and all of our boxed chocolates.

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