About Stutz Candy Company

Quality Candy, Chocolates and Gifts Since 1938

resizedimage250136-stutzboxed-choc.jpgStutz Candy Company was started in the early 1930's by Joe and Mary Stutz when they created the special recipes for each of the delicious center pieces of chocolates that are still produced  to this day.  Joe, along with Mary, worked the business as a start-up company making and selling their chocolates from their garage in Jenkintown borough, Pennsylvania. In 1938, after building the business and out growing the facilities in their garage, they set up the factory and their first retail store down the street from their home.

By 1964, Stutz Candy Company had expanded to three retail locations: Jenkintown and Warrington, both in Pennsylvania, and Ship Bottom, New Jersey, located on Long Beach Island. By securing the presence of Stutz in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Stutz has been recognized as a quality manufacturer and retailer in the Delaware Valley chocolate industry.

In 1965, Stutz Candy Company was purchased by the Dairy Maid Confectionary Company which was owned by 3rd generation candy makers, the Glaser bothers. In addition to owning Dairy Maid, the four Glaser brothers also owned and operated since 1947 several saltwater taffy companies along the Jersey shore. These taffy companies, James Candy Company , Shrivers, and Frailingers, are currently owned and operated independently by other members of the Glaser family.

When Stutz was purchased, John E. Glaser, a 4th generation candy maker, was tasked with running the day to day operations. After working in the candy industry at Dairy Maid and Shrivers for about 18 years, John understood the intricacies of the chocolate business. In 1976, the company had expanded their manufacturing facility when it was moved to Hatboro, PA. With John's vision and guidance, Stutz was now operating six retail outlets. Even as John dedicated his full attention to growing the business he found time to serve as president of the Pennsylvania Confectionary Association for several years.

In 1980, upon the death of Otto J. Glaser, John's father and president of the Dairy Maid Corporation, John bought into and eventually became the sole owner of Stutz Candy Company.  John's determination to succeed and to please the customers helped Stutz expand its candy line to be one of the largest in the area and more than tripled sales. After many years of changes in the marketplace and with John's failing health, Stutz reduced their retail locations to three by 2009. In April of 2012, John semi-retired to Florida and left the day to day operations to his nephew, Richard Knappik, still only a phone call away. Unfortunately, after hurricane sandy struck in October 2012, the Ship Bottom location suffered extensive damage to the building and was sold.

Stutz Candy Company was passed to the fifth generation in the candy business when John passed away in October of 2013. His vision for a strong contender in the candy manufacturing and retail business will continue with a committed and loyal work staff.