Corporate Orders

Personalized Chocolate Business Cards, Early Holiday and Quantity Discounts


Let Stutz help sweeten the business relationship you have with your customers with our corporate gift baskets and chocolates. We can make a personalized business card size chocolate with your company name or logo on it. Our corporate gift baskets are the sweetest way to thank your local customers, clients and co-workers!

We also extend to our corporate partners a corporate quantity program. This program offers quantity discounts as well as a 5% early booking allowance for holiday orders. For all of our new corporate customers, a 5% new customer discount will be given in addition to the quantity discount.                                 

*Holiday orders must be placed by November 13, 2021 in order to receive your 5% Early Booking Discount.*

Quantity Discount Program

50-99 lbs  5%

100-199 lbs  10%

200-449 lbs  12%

450-749 lbs  15%

750-1000 lbs 18%

1001-1500 lbs  20%

1501-2000 lbs  22%

2001+ lbs  25%

If you are interested in our chocolates for the corporate program, please contact us for more information.