Sugar Free Candy

Sugar Free Candy


Sugar Free & No Sugar Added Treats

Do you love sweets, but not the sugar? Check out our Sugar Free and No Sugar Added options.

*No Sugar Added items contain naturally occurring sugars in the centers. 


I Have Diabetes. Can I Still Eat Candy?

According to the American Diabetes Association, it’s one of the myths associated with the illness: If you have diabetes, you can’t eat chocolate or other sweets.

In truth, a diabetic diet is one that’s focused on healthy eating, not just “eliminate all sugar.” So if you stick to a healthy meal plan and get regular exercise, it’s ok to have some candy.

Sweets are no more off limits to diabetic people than to those without diabetes. The key, according to the ADA, is to have a small portion and save them for special occasions.

Then there’s sugar-free candy and chocolate. These can be an alternative treat for people with diabetes who want to enjoy candy but avoid sugar.

And don’t think “boring” when you think of sugar-free candy and chocolate. Candy lovers can find a wide array of sugarless treats at Stutz’s three stores in Bucks, Montgomery and Ocean County.