Salt Water Taffy

Salt Water Taffy

Salt Water Taffy is synonymous with New Jersey. When the boardwalk or the seashore is mentioned in conversation, Salt Water Taffies also come to mind. We carry only the finest: James' Salt Water Taffy. If you can't get to the shore for your taffy, we can offer it at Stutz!

Why is it called Salt Water Taffy?

For well over a century, people have enjoyed salt water taffy. Bucks, Montgomery, Ocean County…wherever you go around this part of the country, you’ll find people who swear by certain brands of this seaside treat.

And based on its name, you might conclude that it’s made using salt water.

That’s a misnomer. There’s salt in the recipe, but no salt water. The origin of the name is a mystery.

According to legend, it began with a candy store owner named David Bradley who arrived at work one morning to find that the tides had flooded his shop.

In some versions of the story, Bradley worries people won’t want to buy water-logged taffy – even though it apparently tasted fine – so he rebranded it.

In another version, Bradley doesn’t want to sell the taffy at all and turns people away, saying “All we have is ‘salt water’ taffy.” His mom hears this name and thought it was catchy.

Either way, salt water taffy became hugely popular at the shore, and by the 1920s, hundreds of companies in New Jersey were all trying to perfect this candy.

Whether you’re in Bucks, Montgomery or Ocean County, salt water taffy is waiting for you at Stutz. Related Blog Articles: • How Salt Water Taffy Got Its Name • Origins of Iconic Boardwalk Treats: Saltwater Taffy & Fudge

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