Nuts & Brittle

Nuts & Brittle

Peanut Brittle, Mixed Nuts, Cashews

For all of the nut lovers out there: we can satisfy your cravings with our crisp, tasty Peanut Brittle! It is delectable! Our Cashews and Mixed Nuts are roasted to perfection; enjoy them salted or unsalted. These nuts and brittles are ready to make a statement at any function or party. Plan ahead and treat your family and friends. Wow, especially with Peanut Brittle from Stutz!

Origins of Peanut Brittle

Mark your calendar for January 26, which is National Peanut Brittle Day. People have been enjoying peanut brittle for generations, but its origin isn’t exactly clear.

The first recipe for peanut brittle appeared in an American cookbook, but in some tellings, it’s a recipe that comes from the Celts.

In another version, a woman in the South made it by mistake when she added baking soda – rather than cream of tartar – to a taffy recipe.

It can be a tricky dessert to master, with most recipes requiring a candy thermometer to control the exact temperature. It can also be affected by the weather. Peanut brittle made on a humid day won’t hold together.

Why put yourself through all that hassle? Peanut brittle, mixed nuts, cashew nuts are available in at our stores in Bucks, Montgomery and Ocean County.